Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new version of AjaxControlToolkit 3.0.30512 and new controls ColorPicker, ComboBox, HTML Editor

Lately, AjaxControlToolkit 3.0.30512 is published. ColorPicker, Combobox and HTML Editor are three new controls appeared in this new version. I'm a support engineer for Microsoft product, especially for Asp.Net Ajax. I got many questions about these three new ajax controls, especially for HTML Editor. I'd like to talk about it with you guys here.

I checked the new version a little, and I found the behavior.js file is no longer composed by only one js file, but it is divided to release.js and debug.js file which is like the architecture of ASP.Net Ajax framework.

ColorPicker and Combobox are simple(I build an client-side ASP.Net combobox at one time. ). But for HTML Editor, it is huge thing to make. It's a kind of WYSIWYG editor in the web page. There has been FCKEditor, TinyMCE, FreeTextBox,RadEditor and FreeRichTextEditor working for this. TinyMCE is the most popular component in it because it is free and easy to extend.

AjaxControlToolkit adopts the Editor by which is the website focuses on ASP.Net Ajax Controls. HTML Editor is a greate thing to work, but we have not enough documents to take as references in AjaxControlToolkit about this control. I got many questions about this control. For instance, how to insert an Image button into TopToolBar; how to override and assign a custom tooltip for one of button in TopToolBar; how about the client API we can use. Actually, we can't get valuable documents from AjaxControlToolkit, but we can access to check about it. However, in Ajaxcontroltoolkit HTML Editor, it has been changed somethings to match the behavior template, although it is coming from -- the method name is changed, property is changed and so on. So what we can do is checking the API or other documents in and looking for the real method/property name in AjaxControlToolkit HTML Editor.debug.js.(The structure is same)

Also, I'll build the AjaxControlToolkit HTML Editor Client API documents or reference in my blog if some body want me to do.


bcweed said...

"Also, I'll build the AjaxControlToolkit HTML Editor Client API documents or reference in my blog if some body want me to do.
Posted by Vince Xu at 2:42 AM "

Vince, please I am sure lots of people are waiting for that.

I am!!

ZHANG said...

Really need that ...

Anonymous said...

Really need that ...


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